<<<"UEC FOOD 100": 100-kind food dataset (release 1.0)>>>

  • Yuji Matsuda and Keiji Yanai: Recognition of Multiple Food Images by Detecting Candidate Regions, Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME), (2012).

<<<"UEC FOOD 256": 256-kind food dataset (release 1.0)>>>

  • Yoshiyuki Kawano and Keiji Yanai: Automatic Expansion of a Food Image Dataset Leveraging Existing Categories with Domain Adaptation, Proc. of ECCV Workshop on on Transferring and Adapting Source Knowledge in Computer Vision (TASK-CV), (2014).

Official split for five-fold CV

Split information on UECFOOD-100/256 for five-fold CV
  • Keiji Yanai and Yoshiyuki Kawano: Food Image Recognition using Deep Convolutional Network with Pre-training and Fine-tuining, Proc. ICME Workshop on Multimedia for Cooking and eating Activities (CEA), (2015).

New Segmentation Dataset: UEC-FoodPix / UEC-FoodPix Complete

UEC-FoodPix / UEC-FoodPix Complete Project HP
  • Kaimu Okamoto and Keiji Yanai: UEC-FoodPix Complete: A Large-scale Food Image Segmentation Dataset, Proc. of ICPR Workshop on Multimedia Assisted Dietary Management (MADIMA), (2021).

School Lunch Dataset

School Lunch Data (3940 multiple dish images with bounding boxes on 21-class labels)
  • Takumi Ege and Keiji Yanai: Estimating Food Calories for Multiple-dish Food Photos, Proc. of Asian Conference on Pattern Recognition (ACPR), (2017).